Digital triac regulator for control of vibration feeders and stacks

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Digital triac regulator for control of vibration feeders and stacks

DIGR-1202/E is triac regulator designed for regulation of vibration feeders driven by electromagnetic coil. Basic regulation parameter is output voltage.

Regulator supports these output frequencies: 100Hz, 50Hz, 33Hz. Regulator operation is defined by 23 various parameters, which are set by user from the control panel. You can control the regulator from both the control panel and using external analog or digital signals.

Regulator has shielding IP54 and can be mounted outside the switch board.

The regulator also contains safely separated power supply 24V / 4VA DC for powering sensors and valves, and power supply 10V DC for powering analog output. Besides basic functions the regulator also supports some special functions:

  • Switching two set values of amplitude via digital input. This function can be used if you need to lower the speed of feeder during operation. For example when pouring the material on the weighing scale in the moment when you are reaching the desired weight.

  • Interrupted operation, so called batching. This function can be used for driving pre-container, to provide constant level of parts in the main vibration feeder.

  • You can connect a pneumatic valve on the digital output, which controls air nozzles, switches, ejectors or signaling beacon. It can also be used as a signal for superior controling system PLC, or as a signal when connecting more regulators into a cascade.

Small dimensions and effective user functions create preconditions for deployment these regulators working both alone and with superior controling systems in most vibration feeder applications.

Digital triac regulator for control of vibration feeders and stacks - DIGR 1202/E
Driving voltage (Unap): 230V AC 50/60Hz
Maximal output current: 6A
Output voltage 20-99% Unap
Output frequency: 100Hz, 50Hz, 33Hz
2x digital input: 24V DC PNP
2x digital output: 24V DC, max 120mA
1x analog/digital input: 0-10V DC / 24V DC PNP
Auxiliary output voltage: 24V max 180mA
10V DC max. 10mA
Shielding: IP54
Work temperature: 10-55°C
Power losses: 10W
Short-circuit current strength: 1,5kA
Shielding class: EN 55011/A
Weight: 1,2kg
Size (Width x Height x Depth): 130 x 195 x 60mm
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