Regulator designed for installing to switch boards to DIN TS35 bar.

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Digital triac regulator for regulation of power of vibration feeders

DIGR-1300/I is triac regulator designed primarily for regulation of power of vibration feeders and stacks driven by electromagnetic coil, or group of coils with total input up to 700VA. When needed, an external power modul can be connected to the regulator which enables higher currents. Output element of the regulator is opto-triac switch with shift phase.

Regulator allows step setting of oscillation frequency: 100Hz, 50Hz, 33Hz, 25Hz, 20Hz. Smooth regulation step (0.5%) and fluent run-up and stopping ensures optimal setting of activity. Function of the regulator is programmable by user from the control panel. Controling of the regulator is possible from the control panel or via the external analog and digital signals.

Regulator is designed for installing into a switch board DIN TS35 bar. You can find more information in the manual.

Digital regulator for regulaton of output od vibrational feeder for switch board - DIGR-1300/I
Driving voltage: 18-30V DC
Switch voltage: 230V AC
Maximal output current 3A
Shielding: IP20
Work temperature: 10-55°C
Power losses: 7W
Short-circuit current strength: 1,5kA
Shielding class: ČSN EN 55011 tř.B sk1
Weight: 0,4kg
Size (Width x Height x Depth): 106 x 90 x 58mm
pdfManual (english)
Manuals in other languages in section download.

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