Electronic relay for industry ER4P224, Analog multiplexer

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Electronic relay for industry 4 channels, 2,5A, analog multiplexer

Electronic Relay is designed for switching load to direct or alternating voltage. It contains four galvanicly separated channels, maximal current in one channel 2,5A. Relay is suitable primarily as a middle element between output signals from PLC and electromagnetic valves for hydraulics. Another suitable usage is switching or choosing of analog signal (analog multiplexor). Designed for attaching to DIN TS35 bar.

Control voltage: 15-30V DC (can be modified upon agreement)
Switch voltage: 0-48V AC/DC
Max. switched current 2,5A
Number of switched channels: 4
Maximal frequency of switching: 30Hz
Contact resistivity in switched state: 0,34Ω
Isolation voltage between inputs and outputs 2500V
Size (Width x Height x Depth): 30 x 93 x 50mm
Electronic relay for industry, 4 channels, 2,5A
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Connection schema:
Electronic relay for industry, 4 channels, 2,5A - ER4P224 - connection schema
Application example:
Electronic relay for industry, 4 channels, 2,5A - ER4P224 - application example

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