DIGR - 1202/E


Digital triac controller for vibratory feeders

DIGR-1202/E is a triac based controller designed to control vibratory feeders driven by an electromagnetic coil. Parameter setting is performed directly on the control panel of the unit. The control unit can work independently or be controlled from a PLC. The controller enables the connection of sensors and valves to digital/analog inputs/outputs and ensures their function according to the settings.

The regulator has IP54 protection and can be mounted outside the switchboard.

The controller includes a safely separated 24V / 4VA DC source for powering sensors and valves and a 10V DC source for powering the analog input.


€ 498
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Commonly used controller functions:

  • Output power setting 5-100% (0.5% step)

  • Acceleration/deceleration time (smooth acceleration/deceleration)

  • Stop when the output magazine is full
  • Empty magazine detection

  • Detection of jammed parts in the magazine

  • Control of the replenishment of parts from the pre-stock feeder
  • Pneumatic separator control
  • Ejector control of misoriented pieces
  • Air supply control
  • Switching between two set amplitude values using a digital input. This function can be used if you need to reduce the speed of the feeder during operation. E.g. when pouring material onto the scale as you approach the required weight.
  • Connection of several controllers in a cascade, for example to control the assembly of linear feeder / bowl feeder / pre-stock feeder
  • Interconnection with PLC: start/stop, output power control (0-10V signal), power switching, input/output monitor
  • Parameters lock
  • Language selection

Technical parameters:

Supply voltage: 110-230V AC 50/60Hz
Maximum load power: 1400VA (for 230V)
700VA (for 110V)
Own power loss: 10W
Output voltage: 5-100% with 0.5% step
Output frequency: 100Hz, 50Hz, 33Hz (for 50Hz mains)
120Hz, 60Hz, 40Hz (for 60Hz mains)
2x digital input: 24V DC PNP
2x digital output: 24V DC, max 120mA
1x analog/digital input: 0-10V DC / 24V DC PNP
Auxiliary output voltage: 24V DC, max 180mA
10V DC, max. 10mA
Interference suppression: class A (ČSN EN 55011 ed.4)
Maximum output cable length: 3m
Internal fuse value: T 6,3A
Protection: IP54
Weight: 1,2kg
Dimensions: 130 x 192 x 66mm


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