Simple digital triac controller for vibratory feeders, mounting on a DIN rail

DIGR-1302/I is a simple triac controller designed to control vibratory feeders driven by an electromagnetic coil. Parameter setting is performed directly on the control panel of the unit. The control unit can work independently or can be controlled from a PLC. The control unit enables the connection of sensors to digital/analog inputs and ensures their function according to the settings.

If necessary, the controller allows connection of an external power module, which can be used to switch higher currents (and 400V voltage).

The regulator has IP20 protection and is intended for installation in a switchboard on a TS35 DIN rail.


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Commonly used controller functions:

  • Output power setting 20-99% (0.5% step)

  • Option to connect an external power module (higher switching currents and 400V voltage)
  • Acceleration/deceleration time (smooth acceleration/deceleration)

  • Stop when the output magazine is full
  • Empty magazine detection
  • Detection of jammed parts in the magazine
  • PLC interconnection: start/stop, power control (0-10V signal)

Technical parameters:

Supply voltage: 18-24V DC
Switched voltage: max 230V/50Hz
Maximum load power: 700VA (for 230V)
Own power loss: 7W
Output voltage: 20-99% with 0.5% step
Output frequency: 100Hz, 50Hz, 33Hz, 25Hz, 20Hz
2x digital input: 24V DC PNP
1x analog input: 0-10V DC
Interference suppression: class A (ČSN EN 55011 ed.4)
Protection: IP20
Working temperature: 10-55°C
Short circuit resistance: 1,5kA
Weight: 0,4kg
Dimensions: 106 x 90 x 58 mm


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