Rectifier with stabilizer 24V

The BS24 rectifier block is intended for installations of older machines in which the control voltage is 24V AC. It rectifies the alternating voltage to a stabilized direct current voltage of 24V DC (100 mA).

It allows the connection of newer sensors working with 24V DC to older machines working with alternating voltage 24V AC. It also makes it possible to replace the AC relay (for AC control voltage) with a DC one when repairing an old machine.

If there is no requirement for larger DC currents, this block can replace a separate DC power supply.

Mounting on TS35 DIN rail.


€ 25
price from 5 pcs (5% discount): € 23,75
price from 10 pcs (8% discount): € 23,00

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Technical parameters:

Input voltage: 24V AC/DC
Output voltage: 24V DC
Maximum output current: 100mA
Protection: IP20
Dimensions: 17 x 90 x 65 mm


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