Electronic relay for industry (SSR), 4 channels, DC, 4A

The electronic solid state relay is designed to switch the load to DC voltage. It contains four galvanically separated channels, the maximum current through one channel is 4A.

Each channel is equipped with a flyback diode to suppress voltage peaks that occur when the inductive load is switched off.

The control voltage is 24V DC, it can also be supplied in 5V, 10V, or other versions upon agreement.

The relay is particularly suitable as an intermediate link between output signals from the PLC and electromagnetic valves for hydraulics, clutches, brakes. It can also be used as an electronic relay for the start/stop signal of a machine or device with an unknown potential on the contacts.

Another suitable use is switching or selecting an analog signal (analog multiplexer).

Mounting on TS35 DIN rail.


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Technical parameters:

Control voltage: 24V DC/5mA (5V, 10V and others possible by agreement)
Switching voltage: 9-30V DC
Maximum output current: 4 x 4A
Number of switched channels: 4
Maximum switching frequency: 100 Hz
Contact resistance in closed state: 0.03 Ω
Dimensions: 52 x 93 x 54 mm


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